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BLOM Maritime provides superior support to engineers for optimizing the outcome of 3D laser scanning and dimension control. Our goal is to detect and avoid any mistakes that can occur during the installation process. Our services include concept and detail engineering for BWTS, EGCS & Chiller System. We completed over forty scrubber system designs, among them two of the largest retrofit scrubber engineering in the world.


BLOM Maritime has extensive knowledge in turnkey engineering projects, mostly for conversion projects. Our team makes each delivery possible upon request, thanks to teamworking, flexibility and hard work. We have experience with providing full prefabrication packages, including ISO drawings, weight calculations, modification of piping routing, and clash reports.  Our engineering team is able to prepare detailed and global FEA, pipe stress, and flow calculations whenever it is required for the project. Technical support can be provided both for in-depth investigations, or to make sure class approval documents can be obtained. 


Across the marine industry, onshore/offshore, we bring together know-how, technology, and determination to bring to reality our client's project requirements. Our culture of hard-work & dedication drives us to challenge industry practices and establish new ones. It is how we think and how we act. Our engineers carry master’s degrees and have more than 15 years of experience with applied 3D system, design and engineering on every stage. 


When a high level of accuracy is required with limited production time or hazardous circumstances, prefabricated parts or pipes are dimensioned, checked, and a final report is prepared in the workshop. All this to reduce risk, internal stresses or comply with class. The crew has extensive knowledge working together with workshops, to make sure all prefabs of different steel types (from carbon steel to super duplex or titanium) are up to standard and sure to fit. 


Laser scanning is one of the most effective methods for obtaining high accuracy 3D data in a short period of time. The method has become the standard for as-built documentation of infrastructure and architecture. To meet client requirements, we perform all kinds of measurements, to deliver an optimized point cloud database. 

3D Scanning

Upfront simulations give us the necessary information to make informed decisions and reduce cost in a quick and efficient manner. Proven Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software give us the ability to support our designs and troubleshoot if necessary. These softwares can be vital to make sure every design performs to its limits.  


The cloud in your office. This tool is developed inhouse, and it makes it easy to view our design in the point cloud from any platform with an internet connection. This gives clients the possibility to check the custom design in the scanned digital ship or production plant from their own office. It is a vital tool to communicate the design and show the clients exactly what will be installed. This will reduce risk, installation time, and make sure there are no surprises. 

Web Portal

Our survey engineers are specialized in the challenging environment of the marine and Oil&Gas industry. State of the art equipment gives us the possibility to perform extremely accurate measurements on any installation. Our experience gives plenty of possibilities to improve the installation process, concerning cost and time efficiency. Our team members have shown the ability to take charge and place big highly complex structures within millimeter accuracy. When it needs to fit. 


As a company specializing in 3D laser scanning and point-cloud processing, we can transform objects into intelligent models by using Autodesk REVIT solutions. Based on documentation delivered by the client and point cloud we created a parametric model according to BIM standards. We consider BIM as a powerful tool for our clients to perform maintenance or modification processes with complex access to any calculation such as costs, stress analysis, material to be used, or visual alignment of new equipment.

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