As a multidisciplinary engineering company, we are aware of the necessary development and continuous improvement to support our customers. By using state-of-the-art equipment, the latest software, and our experience we believe we can do even more by developing our in-house solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of our work.

Our vision is to make the marine, offshore, and power industry more sustainable and environmentally friendly while keeping in mind the high standards of our work.  

Today we are working, for our world tomorrow.



Blom Maritime is dedicated to the future and environment and tackle one of the biggest modern challenges: How to reduce emissions from growing global shipping volumes. The shipping industry can move towards zero emissions by implementing new technologies, with hydrogen-based fuel cells as the ultimate solution.

Therefore, R&D is being performed in cooperation with leading partners like TECO 2030 to engineer retrofits or new builds of hydrogen projects. Our challenge is to make a full turn-key engineer package for hydrogen fuel cell technology and solve the challenges for Maritime, offshore, and land-based applications.

Data Management Solutions 

Our software engineers have the unique ability to know both sights of the project execution as field engineers and highly skilled software developers. This has given us the successful delivery of tailor-made in-house software solutions for data management- which is actively being updated and supported.



Structures Research

We are supporting the development and spreading of naval architecture and marine engineering knowledge. As part of an international group of experts, we are dedicated to lifting the global engineering standards. 

Best practices in ship structures, guidelines in marine FEM analysis, and optimization of offshore wind turbine support structure- are just some examples of our research areas.

We put in a continuous effort to deepen our knowledge and confront ourselves with other experts in the field.