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Rig Positioning Support

Marine Engineering

BLOM Maritime has extensive experience in assisting with rig docking. We offer a complete service for docking operations.  
1. Setting out of keel blocks.  
2. Height adjustment of keel blocks. 
3. Guiding the rig into the dry dock. 
4. Visualisation of rig positioning for yard superintendent and captain. 
5. Dimensional control (if required). 
6. Installation support (if required). 
7. Guidance of the rig out of the dry dock. 
We have an experienced team, high precision equipment and advanced software. 
Our IT department has created an in-house software package, that allows us and the customers to easily track rigs or vessels from the quay to their final position in the dock. Critical areas can be monitored in detail, as well as overall placement. During this assistance we are completely independent from GPS signal. 

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